Cyprus real estate law ICLG 2024

Read our Contributions to the Cyprus Real Estate Law and Regulations for 2024

Our firm’s Managing Partner, Demetris Demtriades, has contributed to the ICLG Real Estate laws for Cyprus as we head into 2024.

The publication provides a comprehensive overview of the Real Estate Laws and Regulations in Cyprus for 2024. It covers various aspects of real estate law including the key legislations governing property transactions, ownership rights, and the impact of local and international laws. Additionally, it delves into the specifics of property ownership for non-resident individuals, types of property rights, registration requirements, and the roles of different parties in real estate transactions. This resource is essential for understanding the legal framework surrounding real estate in Cyprus, making it valuable for investors, legal professionals, and individuals interested in the Cypriot property market.

You can read the full publication here, or you can download the pdf copy below.

Cyprus Real Estate Law Contributions

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