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ANDREAS DEMETRIADES & CO LLC has been delivering cost-effective, innovative, and effective legal services since 1970. We are a dynamic, rapidly expanding Law Firm focused on providing a complete legal service to Clients in our core sectors.

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Citizenship Program

Gaining a second passport and EU citizenship provides insurance against political uncertainty, but it also greatly enhances your businesses opportunities and freedom of movement. Cyprus is currently the only EU member state to offer citizenship and a passport in 6 months without the need for residency.

SINCE 1970

Andreas Demetriades & Co LLC

We specialise in immigration, residency, citizenship but also practice law in the areas of property, commercial transactions, corporate services, litigation, banking, finance, real estate and investments.

Andreas Demetriades & Co has deep roots. Established in 1970 by Andreas Demetriades, a former Minister of Justice for the Republic of Cyprus, we are now a leading law firm based in the District of Paphos. Our reputation both in the law community and amongst our many varied clients is exemplary.

Over the decades we have provided friendly, personal and peerless expert services to a diverse range of clients, from international corporations, banks, and financial institutions, to small companies and entrepreneurs.


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We serve a global Client base ranging from Europe to the Middle East and as far reaching as Asia

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The dedicated and experienced lawyers in our Real Estate team manage every transaction for our residential and commercial clients with care, meticulous attention to detail and friendly professionalism.


We achieve excellence through our close associates, collective effort and our willingness to share expertise!We are proud to be associated with other professional local and foreign organisations who add value to the services we offer.

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