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Andreas Demetriades & Co has deep roots. Established in 1970 by Andreas Demetriades, a former Minister of Justice for the Republic of Cyprus, we are now a leading law firm based in the District of Paphos. Our reputation both in the law community and amongst our many varied clients is exemplary.

Over the decades we have provided friendly, personal and peerless expert services to a diverse range of clients, from international corporations, banks, and financial institutions, to small companies and entrepreneurs.

A key component of our proud history is that we aim to build a true relationship with every client. There is no better reflection of success in a business relationship than longevity, based on mutual understanding, respect and success. We’ve worked this way for almost half a century.


Our Firm Values

With a depth of professional expertise and a wealth of experience between us, the team at Andreas Demetriades& Co naturally provides confidential, high quality, timely and cost-effective legal services. We are a cutting edge legal practice through and through; always keen to adopt the latest developments in our specialist fields to remain fresh, keen and responsive.

All this you would expect from a premium law firm, but it’s the way we do business that sets us apart. Our values. To build enduring relationships with our clients we provide a balance of uncompromised professional excellence and friendly, individual support. Wherever you are and whatever the need, we’ll be there for you, as a resourceful and trusted partner. Quite simply, this is personal.

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