Cyprus Property Transfer Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator

About the Cyprus Property Tax Calculator

This tax calculator aims to estimate your tax obligations when purchasing a freehold property in Cyprus.

For registering a property in the buyer’s name, transfer fees are required. These fees are determined by the property’s market value as assessed by the Land Registry on the purchase date. However, if VAT has been paid on the property, Property Transfer Fees are not applicable.

Stamp duties are taxes imposed on property buyers at the time of registering the property sales agreement with the land registry.

Cyprus property tax calculator stamp duty and transfer fees

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    Cyprus Stamp Duty And Transfer Fees Calculation Breakdown

    Cyprus Property Transfer Fees

    Transfer fees are a progressive tax paid by property purchasers to the land registry upon transferring the property title to their name. For newly built properties, no Property Transfer Fees are payable if VAT has been paid on the property. When a transaction is exempt from VAT, such as in the case of resale properties, the law allows for a 50% reduction in transfer fees. This discount is factored into the calculations made by the calculator.

    [TF] Transfer Fees for Individual Buyers
    Purchase Price Bands (€) Percentage Rate (%)
    Up to 85,000 3
    Above 85,000 to 170,000 5
    Above 170,000 8
    [TF] Transfer Fees for Joint Buyers
    Purchase Price Bands (€) Percentage Rate (%)
    Up to 170,000 3
    Above 170,000 to 340,000 5
    Above 340,000 8

    Cyprus Stamp Duty

    Stamp duties are taxes paid by property purchasers when registering the property sales agreement with the land registry.

    [SD] Stamp Duties
    Purchase Price Bands (€) Percentage Rate (%)
    First 5,000 0.00
    Above 5,000 to 170,000 0.15
    Above 170,000 0.20

    This tax calculator provides an estimated tax liability for buying a freehold property in Cyprus. All calculations are rounded to the nearest euro. Calculations may differ from those of the Cyprus Land Registry. For a detailed quotation, please contact one of our lawyers.

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