About Andrea Anthimou

Andrea has been an integral part of Andreas Demetriades & Co LLC since 2015.

As the Manager of the Litigation Department of the Firm, she leads a team dedicated to delivering top-tier litigation advice.

Andrea’s expertise spans across Civil Law, Criminal Law, Banking Law, Family Law, Wills and Probate law, showcasing her versatility and comprehensive understanding of legal matters.

Over the years, Andrea has cultivated strong client relationships, earning their trust and loyalty through her dedicated service and commitment to excellence. Andrea is renowned for her ability to navigate legal complexities with precision, offering invaluable insights to clients. Her wealth of experience in diverse legal matters, coupled with her hard-won trial knowledge, is unparalleled.

Andrea obtained her Law degree (LLB) from the University of Leicester in the UK and successfully completed her LLM-LPC (in Insurance Law) at the University of Law in Manchester (UK).

She is fluent in Greek and English

Andrea was promoted to Associate Partner in January 2024, a testament to her value to the firm.

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Andrea Anthimou

 +357 26811668


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